Episode 31 – Classic Action Movies


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I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle…! The golden age of action movies gave us a ton of licensed games with a wide variety of styles represented in their soundtracks. Join me as I put on a bullet belt and a pair of sunglasses to check out tracks from titles like Rambo on the NES, Die Hard Trilogy on the Playstation, and Predator 2 on the Amiga!



Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991, Commodore 64) ‘Intro’ by Jonathan Dunn

Rambo (1988, NES) ‘Title Introduction Theme’ by Toru Hasebe

Rambo (1988, NES) ‘In-Game Theme’ by Toru Hasebe

Universal Soldier (1992, Sega Mega Drive) ‘Stage 4 (Underwater)’ by J. Dave Rogers and Paul Kenny

Die Hard Trilogy (1996, Sony Playstation) ‘Church’ by Stephen Root and Neil Palmer

Die Hard Trilogy (1996, Sony Playstation) ‘Reception’ by Stephen Root and Neil Palmer

The Running Man (1989, Atari ST) ‘Main Theme’, composer unknown

Timecop (1995, SNES) ‘The San Andreas Fault [Stage 2]’ by David Cage

Timecop (1995, SNES) ‘Germany [Stage 4]’ by David Cage

Predator 2 (1991, Commodore Amiga) ‘Main Theme’ by Justin Scharvona

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