Episode 57 – Commodore 64 in the 21st Century


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If you’ve been listening to Forever Sound Version for a while, you’ll probably be aware of my love for the Commodore 64. This home computer was one of the most important platforms of the 8-bit era, but its games library isn’t limited to titles released in the 1980s! I’m joined by super special guest Ed Wilson – host of the excellent VGMbassy podcast – to discover some fantastic SID tunes from modern Commodore 64 games such as Planet Golf, Sam’s Journey, and Steel Ranger!



Jars’ Revenge (2011, Commodore 64) ‘Subtune 1 (Title)’ by Sascha Zeidler (Linus)

Planet Golf (2017, Commodore 64) ‘Subtune 5 (Earth)’ by Aldo & Gaetano Chiummo

Steel Ranger (2018, Commodore 64) ‘Subtune 7 (Security Tower)’ by Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)

Sam’s Journey (2017, Commodore 64) ‘Subtune 7 (Ice Flowers)’ by Alexander Ney (Taxim)

Super Bread Box (2013, Commodore 64) ‘Subtune 4 (Rocket Silo)’ by Mikkel Hastrup (encore)

Soulless (2012, Commodore 64) ‘Subtune 3 (Introductory Cinematic)’ by Mikkel Hastrup (encore)

Berzerk Redux (2013, Commodore 64) ‘Loader’ by Péter Nagy-Miklós (NecroPolo)

Slipstream (2017, Commodore 64) ‘Subtune 2 (Menu)’ by Ronny Engmann (dalezy)

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