Episode #104: Luis Munoz


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luis munoz

Award-winning jazz drummer and composer!

Luis Muñoz is on the show today. He’s an award-winning jazz drummer, percussionist, and composer, who has been recording in America since the 1990s. He’s won several ACAM awards for his work, regularly has his work written up as best Latin Jazz albums of whatever year they are coming out. His most recent album was in 2015, called Voz, a vocal-based work, and his latest, to be released in March of this year is The Dead Man, which is a bit of a departure for him. We’ve talked on an off, but we agreed to sit down when he returned from a recent trip to his home country of Costa Rica. We had this conversation last week, where we talked about the new album, growing up in Costa Rica, the history of jazz and live music in Santa Barbara, and much more.

luis munoz

Correction: Although the CD will be released March 7, the digital version will be out Feb. 7.

You can find him on the web at luismunoz.com.

Music links: CDBaby | iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp

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