The Science of Sleep


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Are you trying to mock me on the air?
Yes. Yes I am.
Until iTunes accepts the feed, the following link should suffice, apologizes all around.
For the less "techlitterate", patent-pending on the word, I'll explain how to subscribe to the feed in its current, infantile, immature, impressive, state.
(also, as I'm on a Mac, this really only applies to other such pomaceously inclined listeners. But in due time our Windowed friends will be able to simply search iTunes. No harm, no foul.)
In iTunes, in the "Advanced" drop down menu, sandwiched between "Store" and "Window", select, "Subscribe to Podcast".
Then just type in the link...repeated again for the memory impaired...
and hit "Okay".
Also, clicking on the delightful little rightward arrow next to the Podcast will bring you right to the blog. Onward ho!
Easy peasy. And rest assured that all following entries will be much more intellectually simulating.
...though the comfort of radio static has its charms...

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