Podcasting in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India with Vishnu from the Writer and Geek Podcast


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We hope to shake up your podcast creation process by hearing how others use the medium around the world. Today, we are headed to India, to talk to Vishnu Padmanabhan from the Writer and Geek podcast. Vishnu is a Podcaster by night (literally) and an Engineer by day but admits that photography would be his alternate career, if possible. If you’re a fan of the Geopats Coffee podcast then you’re familiar with Vishnu’s Co-Host and brother, Shankar.

Vishnu and I covered everything that you can in podcasting, including: their podcast setup, dividing up tasks with a Co-Host (even if they are your brother!), podcasts in India, editing tech and tips, audience, outsourcing, podcast hosts, Podcasters community in India, advice for new Podcasters and more.

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