How Renovating and Building can be like having children | How to manage your project well - Episode 2 (Season 9 - KEEPING IT REAL)


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Nervous about building or renovating? Want to manage your project well? You may be surprised to hear many say it’s like having children. This is why.

A mum posted this in a Renovating Facebook group …

Today I realised how much doing a renovation is like having children.

It takes way more time and commitment than you ever thought it would.

You receive constant conflicting advice and everyone thinks they know best.

You’re woken in the night with the sudden thought that you’ve chosen completely the wrong tile and your bathroom will be disaster.

You leave for work with knots of anxiety wondering if you’ve left your home in the care of the right builders.

Now I realise why I’m feeling so bloody stressed!

… I knew she’d nailed it.


In this episode, I talk about the unexpected blindside in renovating and building: the emotional piece.

Many expect that it’ll be a stressful process due to it being outside the normal comfort zone. However, very few anticipate what it’s like to:

  • Be so emotionally invested in the outcome
  • Manage decision overwhelm
  • Deal with difficult conversations, conflict and confrontations
  • Require long-term stamina
  • Stay true to what is important and valuable to you

With over 20 years of doing working in this industry, I see homeowners deal with stress and the unknowns.

Your home (and the new build or renovation of it) is not only one of your biggest assets and investments … but most underestimate the emotional piece. There’s an unexpected attachment we have to “home”, the identity and status, future hopes and dreams for our life and family. And the sense of accomplishment and achievement our homes represent.

It’s a HUGE amount of pressure to get it right ... with little or no prior experience and a huge leap of faith.

And loads of well-meaning but often totally misguided advice about what you “must” have or do to make your home (and you) complete.

My recommendation? Take care of yourself, and keep asking questions. I find when women ask lots of questions, they start to feel more informed and empowered as a result. And they let their team know they’re invested and keen to be involved and get a great result.

In this episode, I dive into these issues in more detail, and provide tips and strategies for you to manage yourself, and your project, well.

Join me, as I share with you the way to keep it real, and create a you-worthy home.

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