Real life renovating and building is not the same as reality TV (but how different is it?) - Episode 1 (Season 9 - KEEPING IT REAL)


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Planning a renovation or new home and inspired by reality TV, YouTube and social media?

You may already be aware that real life renovating and building is not the same as reality TV. But how different is it? And are you REALLY aware of how damaging and misleading it can be to your journey?

I’m nervous about this season of episodes … but I feel this conversation is important and timely. And I feel that there’s an alternative way to creating a great home that feels great, when we choose to KEEP IT REAL.


In this season of the podcast, I share openly and frankly what I’m seeing happen to homeowners who embark on their renovation and new home projects. And why reality TV, Youtube and social media ‘inspiration’ can be damaging and misleading in so many ways.

In this episode, I talk about ...

  • Why I’m nervous about being so frank and open with you about reality TV and real life renovating and building
  • Why I feel this conversation is so important at this time
  • What I’m seeing happen for homeowners who are misled and miseducated by industry experts
  • What blindsides homeowners time and time again - and causes huge stress and anguish
  • What is actually tied up in creating our home (and that we don’t anticipate)
  • Why a magazine-worthy home can be a damaging goal for many
  • Some personal stories of what home can really mean as a place of connection and memory-making
  • How great design isn’t about glamour or stylishness
  • And what I know endures beyond the success metrics we create for our homes and ourselves

In the 20 plus years I’ve been helping homeowners design, build and renovate their family homes, (and the projects of my own I’ve also done), I’ve had a front-row seat to what real life renovating and building is like.

And I’ve also seen how keeping it real is the best way you can prepare yourself for your project … and stay true and authentic to what will ultimately best suit you and your family, and serve you over the long term.

Join me, as I share with you the way to keep it real, and create a you-worthy home.

Listen to the episode now.

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