The Udinese story: From Alexis to Zico


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Jimbo, James Horncastle and Gab Marcotti take a trip to northern Italy and the club that became a model for shrewd scouting and punching above their weight.
Udinese has attracted the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Oliver Bierhoff and even Zico in his prime. Not bad for a city half the size of Parma. This Golazzo looks back at some of the great iterations of Udinese over the years. Until the Pozzos got a new plaything.
• PART 1: Udine – home of Friulian and lederhosen (01m 30s)
• PART 2: Zico joins Udinese (04m 45s)
• PART 3a: The Pozzo family buy Udinese (14m 30s)
• PART 3b: Some of the big names to have travelled through Udine (18m 30s)
• PART 3c: Zaccheroni’s Udinese upsetting the big boys (23m 20s)
• PART 4a: Guidolin’s Udinese almost qualify for the Champions League (25m 30s)
• PART 4b: The Pozzos turn their attention to Watford (35m 00s)
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