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Brands bring together every element of the fashion industry to create a product that, when done well, people fall in love with. Great brands build up a loyal following, start trends, innovate and offer products that look beautiful and function brilliantly. But the best ones do all of this while pushing every element of their company to behave in a responsible and ethical way at every stage. A great example of a brand like this is Finisterre.

Tom Kay founded Finisterre in 2003 when he started making clothing above a surf shop. His ambition was to create clothing that enabled people to spend time by the cold British sea and over the past 17 years has evolved the business into one of the most interesting brands in the UK.

Tom speaks with a humble wisdom at a million miles an hour. When we caught up we covered lots of ground from the world's first fully recyclable wetsuit to sheep farming to staying true to yourself and your values as you grow in size. Hear Tom Kay talk about these subjects and many more on episode 3 of Good Good Great.

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