Fashion: Manufacturing w. Flora Davidson of SupplyCompass


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Manufacturing is an integral part of the fashion industry, however, until recently, few people talked about it. Brands kept quiet about their processes and sometimes didn’t even know how their own products were made. This was the issue Flora Davidson wanted to address when she co-founded SupplyCompass. The company calls itself 'the future of product development and production management for fashion brands and manufacturers.' Sounds grand, but Flora with her co-founder Gus has created a company that backs it up.

When Flora joined Al in the studio we were captivated by her knowledge and enthusiasm for manufacturing. She spoke to Good Good Great about the issues she’s faced, the solutions she’s created and made us think about the things we’d never considered about manufacturing before.

Before you hit play, guess how many hands touch a t-shirt while it is being made? You’ll find the answer to this and much more on episode 2 of Good Good Great.

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