Fashion: Design w. Alexander Taylor


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At the design stage of a product’s life decisions are made that can have massive impacts further down the line. An extra button here or zip there can mean more people needed during manufacturing, more transportation of raw materials, a more complex recycling process and the list goes on. It can be all too easily forgotten when we’re creating something beautiful for people to wear. However, for Alexander Taylor and his team it’s something that’s always front of mind.

Alexander was responsible for the first shoe Adidas created in collaboration with Parley. Made from recycled ocean plastics Alexander was briefed just 8 days before it was due to launch at the UN. He spoke about this experience and his new fashion project ATID launching soon.

We were drawn in by Alexander’s considered and wise words when he joined Al in the studio. The conversation covered subjects such as the opportunity for designers to create responsible change, the power of collaboration and what innovation really means to him.

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