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If you have ever disappointed a loved one by following your truth, you will know just how painful it is. And although it hurts, not living in alignment with your life’s purpose will ultimately cause you much more pain. Sahara Rose has been there, let down her parents, and now wants to help you overcome the fear of judgment and criticism in her new book, Discover Your Dharma. In this episode, Sahara opens up about her background and the expectations placed on her as the child of Iranian immigrants. We hear about the fight she had with them and why this resulted in her finally feeling free. Then, we get into what the meaning of dharma is and how we can think of it as the mission statement of our lives. It might seem like getting closer to your dharma is a journey of seeking, but, in fact, it is about remembering who you were always born to be. Sahara also walks us through the three ways we can discover our dharma along with the nine dharma archetypes. Although we will have three to five dominant dharmas, we need them all, which is why it is necessary to see how they can work together and enhance one another. The conversation wraps up with talking about embodiment, and the work Sahara is doing to get a place of less exertion for greater reward. If you feel stuck in any way or disconnected from a purpose you know is within you, this conversation is sure to spark some questions to get you on a journey of discovery and remembrance.
- Hear more about what Sahara was like as a little girl and her innate drive to help people.
- Sahara’s ethnic and cultural background; her Iranian and Indian roots.
- The fight that Sahara had with her parents when she was following her dharma.
- How not having her parents’ approval finally set Sahara free.
- What dharma means; the overall mission statement of your life and the essence of your soul.
- The core dharma we all share to raise consciousness, so we don’t have to compete with one another.
- Why finding your dharma is more about remembrance than seeking.
- Sahara’s journey of unfolding and getting closer to her dharma.
- The link between dharma and career; how they can become more closely aligned.
- The three pathways to get to your dharma Sahara outlines in her book.
- A question to ask yourself about the dharma finding pathway that’s best for you.
- Hear about the nine dharma archetypes and the ones Majo got when she took the quiz.
- Our archetypes, particularly the artist, can get suppressed because of societal expectations.
- You need all nine archetypes but you will resonate with them in different strengths.
- The archetypes which are naturally more embodied
- How discovering ecstatic dance led Sahara to deeper embodiment and closer to her dharma.
- The ongoing process Sahara is going through to reclaim the way she works.
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