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Texas-based US Marine veteran Steve Jiminez and a small team started the originally US-based charity Hives For Heroes in 2018. After being introduced to beekeeping through a friend Steve realised the positive effect the practice of tending to hives and time in the apiary had on the personal issues he was dealing with since leaving active service and wanted to share the experience with other veterans. Since 2018 the support network has grown faster than Steve could have imagined and is now supporting veterans in every state in the US and crossing borders, and continents, to Australia.

Join me as Steve and I Hive Talk about the issues facing veterans, how the positive impact on the mental wellbeing of veterans beginning beekeeping is now being studied by Oklahoma University, and how experienced beekeepers can become involved in the project as Mentors.

If you’d like to become a Newbee, volunteer as a Mentor, support the charity or find out more about their amazing work head over to and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram @hivesforheroes for up-to-the-minute news.

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