E55 Beer Flights and Pilot Brewers


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This podcast episode features a commercial pilot that homebrews, Mr. Jeremy Kreiger. We explore the history of beer flights (who's got the good ones around the world), flying with beer (how to pack it in your luggage) and talk to Jeremy about being a pilot and a home brewer...how traveling influences that hobby and where to find cool beers and breweries. Jeremy tells all about some of the best destinations to go drink beer, order beer flights and eat chicken sandwiches.

We also drink beer (of course) featuring beer from our great sponsors and Jeremy's personal stash of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, including:

Our sponsors at Artale & Co. have also announced upcoming tastings for the fall season, as well as Pig Minds will soon be releasing Fall for Revenge and Joe Daddy! #drinkitup

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