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S06E06 – Yew!
Guest: Awesome
Music: Yellow Light Maybe

Intro: Music: More of the World

Listener Origin Stories
Recap of last episode: S06E05 – Different Strokes for Different Folks

  • Thanks to:
    • Guest: Reagan Sicard
    • Music: Light The Lamp
This week’s episode deep dive: S06E06 – Yew!


  • What's "dark bread"?
  • About an hour between Cape Canaveral and Disney World
  • Roberta Bondar
  • Who was the other guy?
  • First Scottie Wallis
  • First "Yew!"
  • Dan seems to question Wayne's astronaut tale
  • Did Dary go to space camp?
  • Star Trek references
  • Wayne checking that no one else is listening to his story
  • Katy doesn't like FB but is okay with IG.
  • Why do they think Anik was cheating?
  • Longest open and shortest episode.
  • What really happened between Roberta and the other guy?
  • Cape Canaveral LARPers
  • The Picard Manoeuver
  • The "language" between W and M-F vs. W and K.
  • How quickly W decided to propose to M-F
  • "What could be so urgent?"
  • Wayne vs. Dary in relationships

  • W, M-F, and Katy are the only ones getting any sex
  • Mostly FERDA with a few scraps
  • A couple of "Strategic FERDAs"

End of Show:
Final thoughts…
  • Next Week:
  • Farewells
  • Outro: All I Need Is You

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Band: Yellow Light Maybe
Location: Columbus, OH
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Intro: More Of The World
Outro: All I Need Is You

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