162 - Why I'm learning TypeScript


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The deployment phase of https://howtocodewell.net staging site is going very well. I now have Kubernetes cluster is running via Terraform

Why am I leaning TypeScript?

I know many languages, some more than others. PHP is my goto and Python is the next biggest language I know. Of course I know JavaScript and other languages such as Java and Perl but I rarely use those.

In my opinion Typescript is what JavaScript should-of been to begin with.

- I’ve noticed more demand for Typescript jobs than JavaScript jobs.

- I’ve noticed no demand of Flow

- Typescript works well with Node so its kinda backend friendly. I wouldn’t consider using JavaScript on the backend without Type safety

- Typescript works well with React Native so mobile apps can be built for both Android and IOS

- Theres a bigger demand to convert Javascript apps to Typescript apps

Will there every be any Typescript tutorials

Yes, but not for a while.

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