165 - Flaky Tests


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  • I’ve sorted the Kubernetes ingress controller for the staging deployment of howtocodewell.net
  • I’ve got a few problems with connecting services outside of the Kubernetes cluster but I am working my way through those.
  • I’ve been updating the pipelines to allow for certain manual jobs in GitLab.


Python ASGI The future of Python Web Development

A new asynchronous standard for Python web applications.

WSGI = Web Server Gateway Interface

ASGI = Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface


Podcast 2.0

I have my eye on the podcast 2.0 movement and may start to add some backlog tickets to investigate what is involved from a technical standpoint to updating the RSS feeds.


  • The Podcast Index
  • Podcasting Namespace
  • PodPing
  • Value-For-Value

Send Symfony logs to Slack

This could be a neat little future video tutorial. I could also do something similar with a Discord bot.


What’s a flaky test

A flaky test is a test that sometimes passes and sometimes fails. This usual happens randomly and is incredibly annoying.

What causes flaky tests

  • Under powered resources
  • Tests running in random order
  • Tests not cleaning themselves up afterwards
  • External programs or requests interfering with the tests

How to fix flaky tests

  • Run tests more regularly
  • Separate flaky tests and run them in isolation until fixed
  • Only test what is needed based on what has changed
  • Don’t ignore or skip tests if you can help it
  • Check the environment
  • Check inputs for non-deterministic values
  • Check timeouts
  • Check system resources
  • Check for race conditions
  • Check if there is any fixed order to the tests
  • Keep your tests maintained.

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