164 - My thoughts on Kubernetes after 3 months


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  • My Kubernetes CronJob experiments are now working
  • On Tuesdays live YoutTube stream we fixed issues with the PHP implementation of Object Storage
  • On Sundays Twitch live stream we started the process of upgrading NPM packages

Some news/articles to share

StarLabs has teased a 4k linux laptop called the StarFighter


Why isn’t the internet more fun and weird


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My thoughts on Kubernetes after 3 months of learning it

  1. Smaller is better
  2. Kubernetes lends itself well to micro services and not monolithic applications
  3. You don’t always need Kubernetes
  4. The Kubernetes learning curve is huge
  5. Monitoring and transparency is is super important with Kubernetes
  6. Not all managed Kubernetes services are the same

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