Episode 028: Parenting Hand-in-Hand with God


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I believe in the parenting principles that I teach here on the podcast, on my blog, and on social media. My belief has come through watching the transformative power of this parenting style in my life and in the lives of my children.

My faith in God, however, is stronger than my faith in a particular parenting style. I believe that He knows our children better than we know them. He knows what they need when sometimes we are left guessing. I believe He cares deeply about what we are teaching them and how we are raising them. Because of that, I am certain that all parents have the right to inspiration directly from God on behalf of their kids.

There was a time when, after much prayer regarding how to help my struggling child, I received a direct answer to prayer that I did not anticipate. The personalized direction I received contradicted what I thought best, based on the parenting principles I had studied. Yet, I knew God was speaking to me, and that trumped my parenting knowledge and experience.

In this episode, I tell that story for the purpose of illustrating that sometimes, there are exceptions to the rules and principles I teach. I do not dwell in exceptions because that is where the water gets muddy. But, for some reason, I feel compelled to share my experience today. Listen in to find out what happened, what I did about it, and how I learned that keeping open lines of communication with God is vital in the realm of raising children.

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