Episode 73 | Can Hope Be Leveraged As A Strategy? with Libby Gill


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Can ‘hope’ actually be a strategy in today’s work environment? Libby Gill, the author of ‘The Hope-Driven Leader: Harness the Power of Positivity at Work’ thinks so. Libby defines what hope is and why it's important. She'll share the science behind hope, a medical definition, and the link between hope and mortality. Libby will explain how hope can be leveraged by HR, the pitfalls to be aware of, and an approach to harnessing hope as a strategy both personally and professionally.

Libby began her career with Embassy Communications, a television company founded by Norman Lear (creator of All in the Family). She survived three mergers, ultimately becoming head of Publicity and Advertising for Sony Worldwide. Libby then led Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Universal and Turner Broadcasting before becoming an entrepreneur in coaching and consulting. She founded Libby Gill and Company, a coaching company in California. For 15 years, Libby has been guiding clients through change and chaos. Libby shares her thoughts on hope and her expertise on how to best leverage hope to create a more positive and effective culture and environment.

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