Episode 83 | How to Excel at the Employee Experience |Dana Wright-Wasson


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Dana Wright-Wasson is a global OD consultant who leads clients through transformational processes in strategic planning, employee engagement, and leadership. Dana is passionate about creating amazing employee experiences. She believes wholeheartedly that engagement is actually an outcome. It is an effect of the way people are treated in organizations, and her point of view obviously has implications for how Dana works with her clients.

In this episode, Dana discusses the employee experience, explaining the shortcomings of surveys that measure employee engagement. She outlines an approach to driving the employee experience, leveraging design-thinking methodologies and shares her experiences on the positive role that HR can play.

She is the CEO of Take Action, Inc. and the founder of Work Happy Project. She has her BA in Psychology and Master’s in Organizational Development and has been a visual practitioner for more than 20 years. When she’s not working with clients, she is traveling the world - the current count is 38 countries. Dana is also the author of the book, Talk the Walk: Designing a Clear Path to a World-class Employee Experience.

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