Husband and Wifetime


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Welcome to Husband And Wifetime, a podcast in which spouses Elizabeth Blickle and Matt Caporaletti explore their love of . . . Lifetime movies. They don’t remember the point at which their casual pastime developed into a full-blown obsession (classic made-for-tv amnesia), but it was sometime before Lifetime movies cropped up in their wedding vows and the best man’s and maid-of-honor’s toasts. Please join Elizabeth and Matt as they: (1) breakdown the breakdowns, histrionics, perilous online dates, fatal honeymoons, silly sex scenes, and implausible plots (2) try to answer the age-old questions: Why are Lifetime movies often set in a Philadelphia that looks an awful lot like a soundstage in Canada? Is this a better title than a movie? Is it medically possible for a teenage girl to be impregnated by two different boys at the same time? Can a nosy, supportive best friend survive until the final credits? (3) delight in unhinged doctors, effervescent personal shoppers, lustful pilots, overzealous physical trainers and party planners and wedding guests and contractors, middle-aged catfishes, misbehaving teens, meddlesome realtors, deranged strippers, and all the other usual Lifetime suspects

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