AI literacy & promoting AI for good w/ Karen Bhatia


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What are the ways that AI can be leveraged for good? How can we increase AI and digital literacies? What are some ways we can expand AI for everyone? In this episode of IBM thinkLeaders podcast, we are joined by guest Karen Bhatia (Senior Vice President at the New York City Economic Development Corporation) to discuss how we can expand access to digital literacies, the need for a multidisciplinary approach to AI, and the importance of "responsible AI." Connect with us @IBMthinkLeaders (#thinkLeaders) & our guest at: @karenbhatia “There is also another critical component, too, and that is thinking about the other types of jobs that are being created as a result of these emerging technologies and as a result of artificial intelligence growing. And that is people who are better able to understand what the technology is capable of and people who have the business savvy. Not only the technology skills. You don’t have to be a coder in order to understand what the benefits of this technology could be.” -Karen Bhatia "We're also thinking about the kind of digital literacy and literacy about data, as well as artificial intelligence, that needs to happen across the board, including with government. Also including just the public sector. And what I mean by that is just civil society, the everyday public. Better understanding what their data is being used for, how it's being used, what are their rights when it comes to data. Secondly, better understanding of what is artificial intelligence? How is it being used right now? How is it affecting them right now as well?" -Karen Bhatia

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