Pick of the Week #784 - Strange Academy #11


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There is beauty in comics and even more so in original pages. These are lessons you can learn in this episode. That, and Namor has sexy asshole pants, and is mostly hairless. Plus you have the lightbulb talk to look forward too. You read that right.

Running Time: 01:15:33

Pick of the Week:

00:02:17 - Strange Academy #11


00:12:23 - The Secret Land #1

00:17:15 - Karmen #4

00:23:17 - Batman: Urban Legends #4

00:35:17 - Birthright #50

00:37:55 - Wonder Woman #773

00:39:45 - Batman: The Detective #3

Hellfire Gala Corner:

00:42:40 - X-Men #21 / Excalibur #21

Patron Pick:

00:47:15 - The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton

Patron Thanks:

00:55:11 - Tristan

00:55:57 - Matthew Anderson

00:56:33 - Zack Walton

00:51:38 - James A. Carlson

Audience Question:

01:00:53 - Scott is wondering about best editors of the modern era.

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