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THREE TORTURED MINDS presents INDIE HORROR RISING, a weekly podcast about indie horror filmmaking, indie horror films, and the indie horror filmmakers—both behind the cameras and in front—who are bringing us the best, most interesting, and most fun films on the indie horror scene today. Each week, co-hosts Jay Sapiro and Chris Micklos—co-directors of the award-winning 2018 film THE NURSERY and the upcoming supernatural horror-thriller THE HEADMISRESS—will interview indie horror filmmakers, writers, actors, distributors, and others working in today’s diverse indie horror community. With behind-the-scenes anecdotes and observations, keen filmmaking insights and tips, and in-depth conversations about the most recent and most classic examples of indie horror cinema, the podcast is perfect for filmmakers, genre fans, and students interested in hearing about the challenges, opportunities, and behind-the-scenes fun of indie horror filmmaking. Please subscribe to our podcast; follow us on Facebook at for updates, show notes, upcoming guests, and more; and join us each week for INDIE HORROR RISING!

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