16. 5 Key Threats for Remote Workers


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How can an enterprise protect a surge of remote users?

Everyone is scrambling to deal with the consequences of the COVID19 quarantine. Enterprises suddenly shifted their employees from primarily within the office to primarily working from home. Now security managers must somehow extend the corporate security stack to non-technical employees working on home networks.

Krupa Srivatsan, Director of Product Marketing at Infoblox, joins ThreatTalk to cover 5 key threats for the remote worker.

With so many threats, an enterprise security team needs to respond quickly and efficiently. The best way to do that is to focus on the common denominator: everything uses DNS.

Srivatsan explains how cloud-based DNS with analytics allows an enterprise to remotely protect the employee. Security managers can restrict the remote worker to safe domains, protect against data exfiltration, and limit command and control commands from already-infected devices.

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