17. Find Threats Faster Using DNS


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Most organizations think DNS security means that they must secure their various DNS systems. However, using DNS security strategically overlays an overarching layer of security capabilities across the enterprise.

When harnessing DNS security, an organization can:

  • Bypass the need to configure of hundreds or thousands of firewalls to block specific addresses or websites.
  • Secure remote users without VPN overhead.
  • Control access for cloud resources, datacenters, and containers with a single, simple unifying policy.
  • Detect infrastructure attacks early in the Mitre Framework stages before data exfiltration or command and control attacks can begin

Michael Katz joins ThreatTalk to discuss how DNS enhances the capabilities of firewalls by taking a broader look at the traffic within an organization. They discuss three key strategies to implementing DNS and cover key DNS mistakes most organizations make when developing their security strategies.

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