Revitalizing Urban Areas One Microhub at a Time with Galina Russell


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“It goes back to my childhood. It goes back to the definition of gratitude. And that’s been I would say the motivating factor that made a difference in what I could have been and where I am today.” -– Galina Russell

Today’s guest is Galina Russell, Managing Director of REEF Technology and COO of REEF Energy Division, a tech startup transforming under-utilized urban spaces into local neighborhood hubs. Prior to REEF, Galina directed projects for multiple Fortune 100 companies. She takes pride in being a self-starter, is fluent in several languages and is active in supporting youth in foster care. In this episode, Galina sits down with the team to discuss how she connects with her work, staying motivated to chase her ambitions, the importance of gathering and understanding data, REEF’s potential to help communities on a global scale, and much more!

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