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Meet inspiring and diverse engineers whose ground-breaking work is making a difference and inspiring writers who create compelling fiction.

Engineering is at the heart of being human: for thousands of years we’ve been inventing things, from stone tools through to modern smartphones, We’ve created technology that have made our lives better and have also radically changed society. And yet as a subject Engineering is strangely hidden in plain sight. Inventive explores new ways of telling Engineering's story by mixing fact and fiction. Through this, we inspire our listeners about the contribution engineering makes.

Host: Professor Trevor Cox, Acoustical Engineer

Producers: Anna Scott-Brown and Adam Fowler

Publicity: Gill Davies

Visuals and animations: Annabeth Robinson

Curriculum materials associated with this podcast will appear on the Nustem website at Northumbria University.

Overtone Productions for University of Salford, UK

Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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