Spend Matters SolutionMap: A Talk With Pierre Mitchell


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On April 10th, 2017, I received a press release announcing that Spend Matters released its first SolutionMap, an essential tool for procurement executives and their teams to assess and understand vendor capability on an ongoing basis. In today's segment, I am joined by Spend Matters' Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell to talk about SolutionMap, including the just-released rankings focusing on the following four questions; To start, what was the inspiration behind SolutionMap, and how is it different from a Magic Quadrant?There is reference to “rankings (that) are based equally on demonstrated technology/solution capability as well as on customer input.” How large is the customer pool, and how do you correlate the two?Let's talk about the most current rankings. What stands out the most in terms the company's referenced? What is the best way for those accessing the reports to use the information?Looking ahead to the future, what is the long-term vision for the SolutionMap tool?

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