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Evangelists Jonathan and Adalis Shuttlesworth have been preaching the Gospel full-time since May 2002. Revival Today, founded in 2007, is a ministry dedicated to reaching those that have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For the past 20 years, Jonathan has traveled extensively throughout North America, India, the Caribbean, and Central and South Africa. In 2013, Revival Today TV was launched on mainstream television. However, in more recent years, Revival Today’s online presence has grown tremendously through platforms like Facebook and YouTube.Since 2015, Jonathan has conducted a number of open air crusades and outreaches in America’s inner cities dedicated to winning the lost. Revival Today's heartbeat is for the lost. The nations of the world are overripe for Revival - AND WE ARE DETERMINED TO BE A GREAT PART OF IT! Revival Today provides biblical teaching on faith, healing, prosperity, freedom from sin, and living a victorious life. If you are interested in partnering with us to see this generation transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we invite you to click on the link below for more information.Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, Check the News—a daily program covering breaking news through the lens of Biblical truth was born. Revival Today Global Broadcast, a 24 hour streaming app with readily available content, was also launched in 2020.In the beginning of 2021, Ev. Jonathan & Adalis made their biggest announcement to date—the launch of Revival Today Church! A church that honors The Holy Spirit. A church that wins souls. A church that makes no apologies, and feels no guilt for believing The Word of God. A church that is a blessing to your family and this nation! Revival Today Church will be open for its first service in the fall of 2021. To volunteer, or get more information visit:

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