Episode 10: Jose the Barefoot Photographer


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"I've never known how to be anybody else but me." - Jose the Barefoot Photographer.
In this episode, Emmeline sits down with photographer and videographer Jose Camacho, known as "Jose the Barefoot Photographer." Jose shares stories about what inspired him to begin taking pictures professionally, what continues to inspire him as a photographer, how Iive music is an essential part of his artistic process, and why the journey from photography to videography was a natural progression. They also talk about Jose's favorite EDM music, why Jose doesn't wear shoes, and how his authenticity as a person informs his art. Jose shares his love for the song "As The Rush Comes" by Motorcycle. Emmeline and Jose also talk about a project in which they're both involved, Dallas Music Network, and his time working with pop artist Poppy Xander.
To follow Jose's journey or to see more of his photography, find him on Instagram at @abarefootphotographer. You can also book a photography session or see more of his projects on his official website. For behind-the-scenes information and more about Journey of an Artist, follow Emmeline on Instagram at @EmmelineMusic.

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