Episode 14: Maggie Welch


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“I get that fear is a beautiful catalyst for a lot of things, but for me personally, it was holding me back.” - Maggie Welch.
In this episode, Emmeline sits down with Maggie Welch, an alumna of Southern Methodist University and the CEO and founder of MW Creative LLC, a tech implementation agency that focuses on digital strategy and design. A writer and a lifelong creative, Maggie used the pandemic as an opportunity to marry her skills in the formation of her own company, one that gives voice and visuals to brands seeking to strengthen their identity and make their mark on the world. Maggie talks about kicking fear to the curb, believing in oneself, and the importance of self-care and self-encouragement. She also talks about how the long, winding road has led her to a place of joy and how she continues to show up for herself and her clients. Listen until the very end to hear Maggie's advice about journaling and setting boundaries that help you to be more successful!
To find out more about MW Creative and the services they offer, visit the official website or follow @MWCreativeLLC on all of your favorite social media platforms. For more information about Journey of an Artist, follow Emmeline on social media at @EmmelineMusic or visit the Journey of Series official page.

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