125- From Making $35,000 A Year To Being A Millionaire with Ericka Grant


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This week on the Journey to Launch podcast we have special guest, Ericka Grant from Atlanta. Ericka is a successful marketing professional who started out making $35,000 a year but has accomplished financial independence and built a net worth over $1 million through real estate investing. Through networking, she moved up in her career and boosted her salary to six figures along the way. At the same time, she purchased her first home in New York City at 25 years old. Having a knack for finding the best properties, Ericka has since expanded her real estate investments to include properties in several states. Listen to this week’s episode to hear how Ericka obtained millionaire status in her thirties but continues to work and build wealth because she wants to--not because she has to.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to boost your salary and leverage your network in your career
  • One benefit to working remotely that you didn’t know before
  • How to “success proof” your career and focus on opportunities
  • Great investing strategies for real estate investors and much more

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