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Brains on Fire with Guest Brandy AmidonThe brains behind the iconic launch of Hello Bello, A baby product line created Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

In this episode:

Meet Brandy Amidon otherwise known to Traci as Ami-doness!

MId 30’s, City Council, Mayor, Co-President of Brains on Fire, Wife & Mom

Brandy’s business is responsible for the most Iconic launch in Walmart and in Retail History...Hello Bello, the new baby product launch created by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. It hit Walmart on THE day of the interview!

Female. Southern. Business Woman. Benefit or Barrier to business growth?

Brains on Fire is a certified B-Corp. What does that mean for a business?

Powerhouse B-Corp Business and the Mayor? Yep

Find out Brandy's 3 tips for her success


Ask for help. Willingness to ask for help can be the pivotal point in growing your career.

Identify the smartest person in the room and ask them questions. Learn from them

Create a safe place for failure to be ok.


I can’t pretend to be anyone else. People know

when you’re full of crap.

~Brandy Amidon

Underestimate me. I dare you.

~Traci DeForge


HUGE launch for Brandy's team at Brains on Fire:

Brandy reflecting on her first year as Mayor of Travelers Rest:

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It’s not every day that you meet a woman who was a CFO before the age of 30. A councilwoman by age 27. And the first female mayor of her hometown by age 35. And now? She's Co-President of the Company she CFO's. An achiever by nature, Brandy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from North Greenville University in two and a half years – with honors. After graduation, Brandy began a career in corporate banking and taxation, but soon found herself longing for more personal connection. She loved what she was doing, but wanted to find a way to integrate a human element into her work. Tapping her entrepreneurial spirit, Brandy began working with small businesses (including Brains On Fire), as a for-hire CFO. She helped alleviate the burdens of money management and financial planning for small business owners so they could focus their energy on what they were good at – leading a team, serving their clients and running a company. If CFO-ing wasn’t enough, Brandy has always been passionate about paying it forward, giving back and improving the world around her – starting with her hometown. In 2009, she ran for City Council in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Her win made her the youngest councilwoman in the city’s history. Brandy served three terms on City Council, during which time she advocated for local businesses, promoted the city’s sustainable growth, championed an environmental wellness program and provided budgetary guidance to ensure the city’s long-term viability. In 2018, Brandy was elected Mayor, becoming the first female mayor in Travelers Rest’s over 100 year history. And did we mention she does all of this around her at-home roles of wife and mom?





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