Chapter 62 - Witness for the Jugsecution


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It’s Jugheads again! It’s not spooky anymore, It’s Christmas now, so don’t get scared! It’s just Tom and Jordan looking to talk to you about their favourite show…and Chapter 62 - Witness for the Prosecution - is one of the best yet. Before we get into that it’s time to catch up…with Monk (and some thoughts on the Lighthouse). Once we’re into the episode, things kick off. Betty is crazy, Veronica forgets all of her mother’s indiscretions, Archie has a deep voice, and Jughead loves some old books. Make sure you stick around for our Betty or Veronicas (good), Farchies (good) and Jordan’s Fact (bad)! All this and more in Chapter 62 of Jugheads - Witness for the Jugsecution!


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