Season 2: Week 32


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Lil’ DC opens the show with old person problems.

This week:

8:00- Gettin’ sports out of the way right out the gate.

13:15- DC has a Utes problem

20:30- Fatherly advice for the ladies

22:45- Homeless Mormons

27:00- Presenting - The Dear Leaders!!!

44:30- Social Media questions answered!

52:30- Please! Don't eat your fingernails

1:08:00- Hey! it's

* Dustin Johnson “‘scandal'” White “‘chocolate'”

* Rub-n-tug for millennials

* And more!

1:28:30- STFU - DC meets the personification of filth.

Having crushed another episode and possibly a wind pipe, the guys close out the show, and do it like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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