Season 2: Week 40


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The guys open with some crazy news…unworthy (too good) of the news drop.

This week:

3:20- The guys weigh in on the issue of them being fat still.

5:30- DC the shell of a sports fan

10:20- Preeeeesenting the Dear Leaders’ Praises!

23:45- Careful you don't break that news, guys

* That cat's done

* Oh heck, boy!

* Florida woman disappoints

49:45- STFU: DC is disappointed by women some more

53:20- Our listeners need an invention to keep them awake in a pitch black arena with a killer in it.

1:05:45- *Movie Quote*

1:07:00- Back to listener jokes

1:15:45- KC's poem joke breaks DC

1:21:00- KC on the Giants’ killer 2019 Draft choices

Having depressed everyone with a Lawrence Taylor jersey, the guys close out the show to go watch the best episode of TV in the history of broadcasting and do it, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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