Season 2: Week 41


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The guys remind the world that horse lives don't matter.

6:45- DC opens the show and gets to business.

18:00- Unwise DC decisions and KC gets shorty.

30:30- News!!! Boooo

* “Anne” tells us about $300,000 ice guesser.

* That book is late...just keep it.

* Hero troll gets undue beating.

* Praying works! (not for the kidnapped girl though)

39:30- Brazil is all about fist fighting to the death.

44:45- Last meal - your wife's Tail?

1:04:30- STFU KC, you look at what you did.

1:24:00- Bumbling Reply + GoT predictions

1:30:30- *MOVIE QUOTE* + Dear Leaders get their Praises Sung

Having sung their song of pity with outstretched hands, the guys close up shop and do it, as always like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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