Kian's Kiosk - Insightful Ruminations on the Continuum of Care


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Kian's Kiosk - Insightful Ruminations on the Continuum of Care, is a monthly podcast from Kian Saneii, Founder and CEO of Independa, Inc. Independa is an award-winning leading provider of remote engagement, education and care software solutions. Independa has business to business offerings, through the Independa Enterprise and Independa Hospital Patient Education Systems, and reaches US Consumers through the Independa Health Hub®, which includes lots of free and fun applications on LG TVs, including a Pharmacy Discount Card, message and photo sharing, video chat, games, and more.The Independa Health Hub is an ecosystem of healthy offerings and benefits, all integrated within webOS-enabled LG TVs from 2021 onwards, including 24/7 access to doctors, dentists, and therapists, as well as a wide range of beneficial video content from WebMD and others. Join us monthly for an upbeat and yes, insightful discussion with healthcare leaders across the continuum of care, and visit Independa ( for more information on the Independa Health Hub. You can also find Independa on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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