The Genius of Jesus with Erwin McManus


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Mosaic Pastor Erwin McManus joins us to talk about some of the tough topics of faith and to discuss his new book The Genius of Jesus. Erwin is a gifted speaker, futurist, artist, designer and a deep thinker on today's cultural issues. He is a remarkably gifted communicator and if you can get past my rambling questions on this one, there are nuggets of gold here.

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Show Notes

2:00-7:30- Is God actually about relationship?

12:00- Is God's manifestations the same as intimacy?

15:20- What does Prayer look like for Erwin?

20:30- John: 14:12 what does that mean? Greater works than these

36:40- The genius of Jesus, what if Jesus wasn't god?

44:00 Was Jesus Unprecedented? Or was he influenced by other teachings?

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