Episode 25 - Book Club #2


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What will the future of our nation and world be like? Join us this week as we review Ernest Cline's dystopian ode to 80s culture in a dark 2044-2045 reality that is Ready Player One. *SPOILERS* Our hero, Wade, lives most of his life in the massive virtual world of OASIS as Parzival, where he and his fellow gunters go to school (or not), socialize, build relationships, and much more! This fast-paced puzzle-driven story follows the group as they comb their virtual reality in search of the ultimate, life-changing prize. When their goals in the real world and OASIS collide, everyone is in danger as they strive not just to win, but to stay one step ahead of the villainous IOI. We review this wild ride prior to its incarnation on film in 2018, so grab your VR visor and haptic gloves, because we're logging in!

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