LTL Patio Season: Talkin' Offseason Business


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It’s been just over 2 weeks now since the Leafs were knocked out of the first round of the playoffs and it still stings! Some of that is because the Habs ended up coming out of the Scotiabank North Division and are now facing Vegas in the Semi-Finals. In the past, we've taken a bit of time to reflect on the year and have given the Ladies' Grades for the team and players, but after a mostly A+ season, what can you really say when the Team fails the big exam?
Given that there's not much to celebrate for our Leafs, in our end of season show we get into the message that Shanahan, Keefe and Dubas had for LeafsNation in their end of season media availabilities, as well as some of the player's comments from their locker clean-out Zoom call. Then, as there are a lot of big decisions for the Leafs going into the off season, we`ll get into some of the questions and concerns that need to be addressed before the drop of the puck next October.
Yes friends, it's been another sour end, but while its difficult now, together we will bounce back! Soon the slate will be clean again, and it will be time to look ahead to the potential that a new season brings. Patio Season is short here in Canada, so get out there (safely) and enjoy some cold drinks and sunshine. We'll be doing the same and bringing you commentary on whatever is shakin' in Leaf Land all summer long. Until next time... Cheers!
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