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In today’s episode we'll be talking about the Devolver Direct, Treehouse Live, new Nintendo Online games for July, Forager coming to Game Pass, Xbox Series X rumors, a smidgen of PS5 rumors, Warface impressions, Greedfall impressions (its full of Spiders), and in the BONUS POINTS section we ask "What are your thoughts on games nextgen costing 70 dollars?" and more!
Now we’re going to follow in the footsteps of the Devolver Direct and build up some fake hype for our podcast in our official LAMER GAMERS PODCAST DIRECT. We’re going to be taking hype for our podcast, paying Google, Twitter, and Facebook thousands of dollars to load it into an advertising cannon and will blast away your faces with all the podcast hype! Nobody really cares if a podcast is good or has a loyal following either have to associated with a multi million dollar media company or pay for advertising so we’re going the low route and will advertise about how OR MAYBE GET ON IHEART RADIO so…are you ready for the most awesome, intense, podcast that hits all the right notes of a money making podcast? Well in this episode we’re going to talk about murder, conspiracy, use allll the cuss word (maybe even some we make up), natural disasters, reality tv, and as much low brow entertainment news about celebs and youtubers as possible. You ready for this? Let’s get started! (wait…we’re still doing a gaming podcast….) Yeah, forget that other stuff , we just want people to download this, who cares about making a good podcast anymore.
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