Best Quest podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love explores all points on the sexual spectrum, from online dating etiquette to orgy manners. Each week, host Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to chat about relationships, sex, sexuality, gender, and why he's still single. This endearing manwhore with a heart of gold just wants someone to love him-- and to accept his poly, slutty, experimental, not-so-distant sexual history. Will he figure out why women will take him to bed but not ...
The Dyslexia Quest is the fastest growing media platform in all of the special education genre, featuring interviews with the leading experts in the field of intelligence, learning, flourishing and neurodiversity, as well as profiling uber- successful dyslexics to share their story and wisdom . The Dyslexia Quest tackles the holistic experience of being a dyslexic( think: shame, struggles, and joys) with a secret( shhh) backdoor agenda of empowerment.
Three friends band together on an epic quest to make their way through the entire Criterion Collection
Mother's Quest is a podcast for moms who are ready to live a truly E.P.I.C. life. A few months before a big milestone birthday, host Julie Neale, a life and leadership coach, community builder and mom to two high-energy boys, decided to stop sidelining her dreams and become the hero of her own journey. She created the podcast to help light her way by gathering words of wisdom and lessons learned from other mothers further ahead on their quest. Join in for intimate conversations with a divers ...
The gang from get together to talk about movies, comics, games, and all the other wonderful nerdy and geek things in the world. We've got different shows for different crowds, so check them all out at
Shuffle Quest
Shuffle Quest is an actual-play comedy RPG podcast in which three adventurers travel to different pop culture worlds on a quest to save reality itself! We use the ruleset of the universe our characters are currently visiting! Starring Allie Reid, Gwynn Fulcher, Joe Anderson, and GMed by Tom Harrison.
Quest Friends!
Adventure! Suspense! Romance? The sky's the limit as five friends journey across the fantasy landscape of Numenera, solving problems and creating many, many more along the way.
ASMR Quest
A quest for tingles.
Q&A Quest
Have questions, complaints, commentaries, or just random thoughts? It's our quest to field all your queries.
QUEST MEANS BUSINESS is CNN's flagship business program. Each weekday night, Richard Quest masterfully manages to bridge the gap separating business news and entertaining television. Get informed, get amused, and get down to business.
A video games podcast for people too busy to play video games
Quest For You
A journey to finding back to yourself
Quest Monthly is the flagship publication of the Church of the Larger Fellowship
DJ / Producer - HARDCORE / DRUM & BASS
Reviewing all the newest movies every month to let you know where you should spend your time.
Nice Quest
A tabletop adventure podcast. Fantastic journey awaits... wherever the dice may land!
Friend Quest
A group of friends playing tabletop role playing games.
Quantum Quest
Five friends face the end of the world together, and things only get worse from there. Join us as we play a multitude of Role Playing Games all while trying to restore order back to our own world.
Quest Cast
A weekly podcast on everything gaming. Whether it be industry, coming soon, coming now or even complete failures.
Quest Quest
A Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast. By Andrew Briggs, Savannah Million, Trin Garritano, and Henry Birdseye.
Side Quest w/ FTR
An "actual-play" tabletop RPG podcast like no other! Well...a lot like others actually. Except with more drinking. And 90's music industry puns. And half the players are brand new to roleplaying. But also now featuring both ACTION and COMEDY!!! Played and produced by The Ford Theatre Reunion, the worlds premier independent sludgefunkcircuspunk band!
An Actual Play Starfinder Podcast
Hark adventuring Hero, take some time off from saving the world and sit by the fire and listen to the Knights of Podcast chat about whatever is on their mind. Be thou warned, what's on their mind is probably some kind of nerd nonsense.
Join us on our epic DnD.....well, maybe not so epic.....but, pretty cool adventure, as our family takes on the roles of our adventurers.. A Quest for Magic and Steele is our Home grown, Dungeons and Dragons podcast show brought to you by the SteeleEmpire.Amara, Shayna, Elisha, Ilana, Josiah, Brian and David play the role playing RPG game of Dungeons and Dragons. We voice act all the characters, making it an enjoyable audio to join in on. Take us to work, gym, bus, train. or anywhere you need ...
This is the video game podcast your grandma warned you about on prom night.
Looking For Supernatural Occurances And Haunted Places Quest - A spooky comedy podcast by Sanna Sharp & Carmen Walkershaw. Theme music by Nico Scolieri
Arcana Quest
Two young men. One Dad. Playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Party time. Excellent. This Season: Storm Kings Thunder!
The Quest
The Quest is a podcast centered around answering “crisis of faith” style questions. Love, fear, addiction... every question is on the table. We interview pastors, actors, therapist, athletes, addicts and leaders from all walks of life in an attempt to get clarity on who God is and how he moves in our lives.
Deb Bowen, spiritual educator and psychic, discusses the intersection of spirituality, metaphysics, and science with revolving expert co-hosts each week.
Nerd Quest Podcast
Interviews and Discussions involving 80s and 90s 'nerdstalgia'
Greatness Quest
Trevor Crane interviews extraordinary business leaders and entrepreneurs, extracting their success secrets to success so you can unleash them in your business and in your life. You want more and you deserve to have more. There’s always an opportunity to be more, to give more, to experience more… but in order to have more, you must become more. The purpose of this show is to help you take your life and your business to the next level. TO BECOME YOUR BEST. No matter where you are today, there’ ...
Dracula Quest
A comedic adventure set in a horror fueled campaign. A Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast.
Quest for Truth
This is the Side-Quest Gamers Podcast, a weekly podcast where four long time friends discuss Gaming, Live Streaming, Movies, TV shows and anything else that interests them along the way. Join us live every Tuesday night at to participate in the show.Meh. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Jazz Quest Radio
Guitarists Brett Ecklund and Tommy Benson take you deep into the Jazz Landscape with jazz from the masters, as well as contemporary artists and local jazz musicians.
Healing Quest
Crypto Quest
Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Podcast - Interviews and Special Interest Stories with Rick Messitt
One to ten minute messages reflecting on my quest as a mom and inviting you to do the same. Make sure to tune into full-length episodes of Mother's Quest on all your favorite podcast apps or find show notes at
Podcast by Queue Quest
Quest for 100
Malice-Corp brings you another great podcast. The Big Poppa Matt and BCON are on a quest to watch 100 movies in the theater in 2018. Come join Matt and BCON every two weeks as they recap what movies they have seen, their movie count for the year, and some of their favorite moments in film. For more information about the Big Poppa Matt and BCON, check out the MaliceCorp website at and you can also check out the Twitch channel at Thank you for liste ...
Infinite Quest
A new Dungeons and Dragon 5th Edition podcast featuring a diverse cast of characters and the players behind them. Join us for laughs, thrills, and the occasional dice roll!
Quest Log Podcast
The Quest Log Podcast - A weekly show where we discuss videogames old and new.
Master your life by clarifying your authentic gifts, voice, and expression
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Tom & Chris start the new year with the return of their friend Colleen, as the three make their way through the streets of Rome with an elderly gentleman and his dog trying to make sense of the changing world around them and find their place within it.
As the party dives deeper into the giant ant hill, they discover a horribly trapped hallway with a weird anti-magic door at the end of it. Guess that means that it has to be guarding something worth stealing, right? Find out This Week, On Wayward Quest!
Can Mat finally win a bracket?! I doubt it Flint is super biased about his milk... find out!SHIRTS!!!!!! SQApodcast@gmail.comOfficial Twitter @SideQuestArcadeMats Twitter @MadManMatYTBrians Twitter @SQA_HappinessBryces Twitter @_SilentReveriesFlints Twitter @Mi ...…
Join anchor host and spiritual educator Deb Bowen this week as she celebrates Quest for Connection podcast's one year on-air anniversary. We discuss how the words we use have power and bring connection to ourselves and the world around us. Deb offers suggestions on ways you can build connection and open yourself up to the blessings of the cosmos.…
Lion-o himself, Larry Kenney, joins us to take us on an adventure over the rainbow and all the way to Thundera. You can't help but go "Cuckoo" over the many voices that you'll remember from your childhood -- so many that you'll lose "Count."Also discussed on this episode: - Faux Lion-o walks into a Burger King in the late 80s.- Possibly the wor ...…
Hey there Questers! On this weeks episode we're talking about 'Glass'. M. Night Shyamalan's latest film and it's got EVERYONE talking. Some people loved it, more people seem to absolutely hate it. Why is that? We dive into these questions to get some answers. Get ready for another fun episode with Anna, Alex and myself! Thanks for joining the q ...…
The party fights a fire elemental. Angelica uses a ranged weapon again. Bob stays a safe distance away. Hugo is on fire most of the fight. Nyx tells a joke(?).
This week, it’s just Taylor again. He talks about his overall experience interviewing for a Software Developer position and gives some recommendations if you are in a similar position. Then he introduces a new segment: Design Pattern of the Week! This week’s design pattern is the Strategy Pattern. Resources used: Head First Design Patterns Theo ...…
Elee becomes a mother. Everyone becomes thieves. Listen as our heroes: DEBATE what is "cool!" READ about love! PLAN their finale! Content Warnings: Loud Sounds (44:45, 47:00, 51:30) The Tenth World Blueprints: Check out the Trans Language Primer: https://www.tran ...…
We continue a new year of podcasting and not really talking about ASMR. Instead, we talk about vaping. OC, pls don’t steal.
Hasteur, Gulvan, and Joe talk about Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Remembrances, and more.By (Dawnforge Productions).
On this quest for 100 Matt, and Bcon talk about their last attempt to hit 100 movies in the year. Did they hit their mark of 100 movies in the theater find out on this episode for quest for 100. IF you want to join the conversation follow the show on twitter @questformovies, or leave a review where ever you download and listen tot the show. Tha ...…
In this episode, we talk with Rosa Berland and Helen Roussel about their journeys with their children and lessons learned on how to advocate fiercely and effectively for dyslexia services. They generously offer to help others, so stay tuned to the end to get their information. They are passionate about the creative and transformative power of t ...…
I recently watched a John Stossel report on Reason TV that caught my attention. It was essentially a defense of the e-cigarette industry. Prior to seeing that report, my general perception of e-cigarettes and vaping was negative. It wasn’t based on anything tangible, just a compilation of whatever news coverage I had consumed up to that point. ...…
Bring The Manwhore Podcast to a city near you by getting your tickets at! Activate your city by March 31! Potential Cities Atlanta Austin Bloomington Boston Chicago Columbus Dallas Detroit London Los Angeles Memphis Miami Minneapolis Philadelphia Pittsburgh Portland San Francisco/Oakland Toronto Vancouver Washington, D.C.…
Bring The Manwhore Podcast to a city near you by getting your tickets at! Activate your city by March 31! Potential Cities Atlanta Austin Bloomington Boston Chicago Columbus Dallas Detroit London Los Angeles Memphis Miami Minneapolis Philadelphia Pittsburgh Portland San Francisco/Oakland Toronto Vancouver Washington, D.C.…
The whole city is now going through another drastic change as many secrets are revealed. Quis, Raner, and Leroy go on a rescue mission, and discover that there is more to learn about Hidgedy. Meanwhile, Jonathan continues his personal and familial quest, pranking. .
First episode of the year and we're talking about where to get hot new bootleg controllers and gripes about the Switch's online system. Also some big news in this week's Overwatch Minute. 8bitdo SN30 Pro G Classic and Pro SN Danh played: Warframe (Ninja's in space) Ring of Elysium (Not PUBG) Finishing Mario Odyssey Zach played: Yakuza Kiwami Di ...…
Previously: The gang took some time to relax and clean up after their latest sewer adventure. Zara found some cute new undies. Roarke found his new aesthetic. Tabitha spent some time in the kitchen with Roland. And Frank discovered his natural gift for playing drums. In this episode: Everyone is back together at The Swamp, so it's time to come ...…
This week after we discuss our personally feelings on needles we jump into the real news like the Bungie / Activision split, the lawsuits against Gearbox and Randy Pitchford, and Netflix raising their prices. Plus a little something called Rocket League, Chris finally finished Naruto and likes The Messenger, and Walnut and Drootin played some D ...…
Roy and Judy discuss with microbiologist Kiran Krishnan the a new study on the health benefits of probiotics for bipolar disorder.
Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan explains how probiotics can support healthy skin.
Holly Randall grew up around porn—not in a creepy kind of way. Her mom was a famed porn director and her dad also worked in the business. The adult entertainment industry has changed a lot since Holly was a totally normal teenager. “I have to do five times the work for a third of the money,” she shares on this week’s Manwhore Podcast. #PayForYo ...…
Holly Randall grew up around porn—not in a creepy kind of way. Her mom was a famed porn director and her dad also worked in the business. The adult entertainment industry has changed a lot since Holly was a totally normal teenager. “I have to do five times the work for a third of the money,” she shares on this week’s Manwhore Podcast. #PayForYo ...…
Looking For Supernatural Occurrences And Haunted Places Quest has a new season! Season 2 of our weekly comedy podcast kicks off with stories about reincarnation and creepy kids.
This week, we talk about the Unity-Improbably feud, Taylor catching a feral cat, Taylor’s software dev phone interview, and Rett’s experience at CES 2019. Watch the Craft Computing CES vlog Free ASP.NET Core book medium – blogsite Join the conversation on twitter @gamedevsquest @taylorjbuchheit @rettisawesome email at Like us ...…
The party arrives in South Jadeshire. Hugo returns to his home. Angelica is upset by a happy family. Bob creates an illusory shopkeeper. Nyx sneaks into a mountain. | NPC Names: Vebula Cloverleaf, Athos Cloverleaf, Juniper Cloverleaf, Rephin Button |
It's time for another show after the show. Jake, Nathan, and Jamie talk about their thoughts on the show so far. What it's been like to make the show, talk to ohers about it, and some of their favorite moments so far. It's a great conversation, and you're welcome to join along. .
It's 2019, so we're taking a quick look back and how we collected in 2018, setting goals for 2019, and we're also talking about two conventions that each of us visited this year: MAGFest and Retro City Festival.
SHIRTS!!!!!! SQApodcast@gmail.comOfficial Twitter @SideQuestArcadeMats Twitter @MadManMatYTBrians Twitter @SQA_HappinessBryces Twitter @_SilentReveriesFlints Twitter @MicroManateeEpisode on Youtube, Itunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, PodBean, TuneIn and your gran ...…
Judy gives her self care tips for the start of the New Year for your mind body and spirit.
Dr. Dennis Godby from the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center talks about the sensitivity's of eggs on the body and the inflammation that may cause.To hear more from Dr. Godby, at:
Tips for sustainable happiness from some of the best in the business. Aymee Coget, Deepak Chopra and Dr. James Doty give you some words from the wise about strategies for keeping deep inner contentment.
The Astrological forecast for January from Michelle Bernhardt.
Interview with Dr. Dennis Godby founder of the Sacramento Naturopathic Center.You can find out more at:
Roy and Judy update you on the latest research on longevity, brain health and avoiding colds and flus.
Judy talks about the positive benefits of daily affirmations.
Roy favorite story from last year is Sally Fallon Morrell founder Weston A Price Foundation. Sally shared a recent study on the growing body of evidence that shows the benefits of healthy fats in our diet.
Judy's pick for her favorite story from the last year is an interview with Gary Malkin, Emmy award winning composer. He gives us a reminder that music is medicine for the heart and soul.
In the previous episode, #27 The Truth About the Federal Reserve – An Introduction, I laid the groundwork for this episode. So now that you know what the Fed is, why it was created and how it creates money, let’s look at the results of the last 100+ years since this monstrosity was created. We will discuss the constitutionality of the Fed, how ...…
Previously: The gang split up again, with Roarke and Zara waiting in the gore pit while Tabitha and Frank went above ground to meet up with Asher's contact and make their delivery. They made deals for help and for some interesting information, which included a potential way in with Florentine. In this episode: While Frank and Tabitha are wheeli ...…
Successful mom and entrepreneur forged through her dyslexia and emerged as a successful CEO of the She-Compass organization, built to inspire girls and women. Join us for this fantastic episode.
After all the choas and fight scenes, our heros get a day to explore the town, but it's far from a calm and restful day. Jonathan finds friendly feather farmers. Raner makes ammends with past mistakes. Leroy visits the doctor. And Quis gives the bird to a bird. .
This week on PodQuest news is starting to trickle in again as we discuss Gamestop potentially being purchased, Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 is going to be getting something "Fantastic", and DC has two hits with Heroes in Crisis and Batman right now. Plus Drootin played some NHL 19, Walnut can't have scrapple, and Chris really enjoyed The Marvelou ...…
Join anchor host and spiritual educator Deb Bowen and her co-host Sheri Perbeck, psychic medium, as we discuss healing energy. Energy really is all there is, and how we work with it to heal ourselves, our fellow beings and Mother Earth herself is the topic of this week's exciting episode. We've been on hiatus since Hurricane Florence, and we're ...…
Women get hurt when sex work lives in the shadows. Survival sex work is the less glamorous version of prostitution we don’t often discuss. In our part two, Chris reveals that she sometimes feels guilty sharing her story for fear it will be ‘bad for the cause.’ When we demonize sex work and outlaw message boards where pros can exchange safety ti ...…
Women get hurt when sex work lives in the shadows. Survival sex work is the less glamorous version of prostitution we don’t often discuss. In our part two, Chris reveals that she sometimes feels guilty sharing her story for fear it will be ‘bad for the cause.’ When we demonize sex work and outlaw message boards where pros can exchange safety ti ...…
Tom & Chris ring in the new year by taking a little break from the collection to discuss some of the new films from 2018 they enjoyed.
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