S02E46 - The Composition of JANETTE KING


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S02e46 has arrived and the Lasers welcome singer/songwriter Janette King to the podcast!! To kick off they talk the cyclical nature of things, sneakers in particular, and get into the nitty gritty of what isssss streetwear. They examine the role of liquor in nightlife and decide who amongst them has the best salsa before tracing the punk style back to its West Indian roots and talking licensing legends’ names. They discuss exactly why Lauryn Hill’s performance style is so abrasive and what it taught Mike about yelling at drummers before hitting ‘Top of the Hour’ to get to know one another a wee bit better. Mike and Markings disagree about pc culture and everyone wonders when it’s funny to be mean (almost never) and they separate the man from the art with Kodak Black. Mike gives us some notes and chronicles his top producers before they talk networking in the arts and releasing music on the available platforms. They play ‘Secret Life of Wax’ before Janette talks Vancouver and asks for more info on Montreal steak spice please. Janette tells us about her move to Montreal and what she got out of jazz school before beginning her self-portrait and then completing her self-portrait to everyone’s horror. To close out Brittain shares a good memory involving handwriting, Markings shares a good memory involving band, and everyone talks Rihanna’s impending music. Lasers losers!!!

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