Ep. 25 - Glenda Mitchell - Kicking Out the Bucket List


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Glenda is a business consultant and coach, having worked in various advisory and leadership roles across a number of industries, including financial services, media, and the public sector. Born in South Africa and moving to Australia after completing her university degree, she is currently living in Florence, Italy with her husband of 30+ years.

Glenda inspires people to engage in all areas of their lives and supports them on their journey to resolve issues, set priorities, identify opportunities for growth, and ultimately to flourish. Her greatest desire is to equip people to continue their own journey and to pass on what they’ve learned to those in their circle. To create a spark, that lights an ember that ultimately creates a fire – of passion and positive impact.

Please join us now as we chat with Glenda about kicking out the bucket list and focusing on ‘doing’ rather than ‘dreaming’.

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