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The Leadership Done Right podcast is dedicated to helping you become a better leader at work, home, and in life. My goal is to help you learn steps you can take today to deepen your leadership understanding and strengthen your influence. What Can You Expect From This Podcast? In the Leadership Done Right podcast we will discuss leadership theory, practical leadership, leadership in the news, leadership and personal development, and many other topics related to leadership. Additionally, on this podcast I will interview leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds so you can learn from their experiences. In the interviews, we will discuss how they became leaders, some of the challenges they went through, the lessons they learned, and leadership principles they live by. How Often Can You Expect a Podcast? A new episode of this podcast will be posted weekly on Mondays. I will do my best to hold to that schedule, but sometimes my full-time job requires me to travel and/or is very demanding so there may be times I miss a week. There are multiple ways that you can participate in the Leadership Done Right Podcast. If there are topics you would like to know more about, leadership questions you would like answered, or you are a leader and would like to be interviewed, send me an email at BrandonWJones@LeadershipDoneRight.com.

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