Craig McDermott on becoming the game's fittest bowler, his business savvy and mentoring


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This week I have the pleasure of speaking to one of Australia's, Queensland's and Ipswich's finest fast bowlers, Craig McDermott. Craig debuted for Australia at just 19, earning the nickname 'Billy the Kid' and quickly discovered what worked for him at the highest level. Billy goes into how he honed his bowling skills, how he became one of the fittest players in world cricket and how he has thrived in the business world once his playing days finished. This is an awesome episode with one of the true greats of the game.

Episode rundown

01:47 - Billy talks about two of his career highlights

04:02 - How Billy hones his fast-bowling skills

13:50 - How Billy managed his body through his career

31:13 - Billy's coaching lessons learnt

33:40 - The mental skills Billy used

38:13 - How Billy interacted with the media

41:22 - Investment and financial lessons

48:55 - Billy's life mantra

52:27 - The people who have influenced Billy

57:33 - What Billy reads and watches

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