If You Only Had 52 Weeks Left To Live Lets Get Real With Clint Arthur


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Are you ready to break through all your barriers, eliminate fear, doubt, and procrastination, free yourself from clutter, and get into full-speed action to bring out what’s most unique and special about you so that you can create your legacy in business, personal, creative, or spiritual endeavors, achieve your deepest dreams and aspirations -- and while you’re doing it have the most fun you’ve ever had in your life? If the answer is YES then this is the man you need to connect with! For the past 3 years it's been his privilege to lead people from around the world in an accelerated life enhancement process called The Last Year Of Your Life. Clint Arthur provides a unique perspective on what is special about you and your time on this Earth. Don't miss our time with the man who will help you accomplish your dreams and life-goals within 365 days. Join us for a great informative inspiring call! After graduating from the Wharton Business School I chased the Hollywood dream for 10 years and ended up deep in credit card debt, driving a taxi to survive, and terrified that I would never be able to turn my life around or achieve any of my true potential. One day a crippled old white man whose skin had turned black as coal said something to me that changed my life forever: "You don't know it yet, but you’re already dead."

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